Children’s Healthy Packed Lunch Club Subscription

£10.00 every 2 weeks with 1 week free trial

Make sure that there is a healthy snack option in your children’s packed lunches – something that you always have available and one thing less to think about when you are doing your shopping. With our subscription you can have snacks delivered on a fortnightly basis, with flavours chosen to match your child’s preferences.

Product Description

The Bakes and Balls Healthy Packed Lunch Club

Children’s Subscription

Why have we started the Healthy Packed Lunch Club Subscription? We have all seen the impact of too much sugar on children! If you have ever seen that transferred to a classroom situation you will know only too well why schools are keen to see healthier snacks and packed lunches.

Our balls help because they contain slow-releasing sugars. Rather than having a sugar rush and then a dip, your child will find it easier to concentrate because they have the energy they need over a longer period of time.

With Public Health England launching its Change4Life nutrition campaign, this is the perfect time for parents to sign up for our Healthy Packed Lunch Club Children’s Subscription. We have adapted the size of our snack balls to ensure that they fit in with the ‘100 calorie snacks’ idea, so will now get 3x7g balls in a daily packet.

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  • You get your initial order HALF PRICE – ie get one week’s delivery of snacks FREE
  • You receive a selection of tasty and healthy treats delivered fortnightly
  • You never worry about running out and
  • You don’t need to worry about allergens!

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What happens:

  • We will pick a selection of different flavours for you  – just remember to tell us in the comments box if there are any flavours you want to exclude.
  • Your child subscriptions include one pack of (3x7g) balls per day – five days a week.
  • Your child will receive special surprise weekend-boost packs – just let us know of any special events coming up (eg. sporting events, special trips, competitions and we will try to match these)

All this for £5 per week – with your first order HALF PRICE (Nb. You will be charged £10 per fortnight)

Healthy snack, change4life, children, energy balls, change4life

Remember – all of our snacks are:

  • Hand-made from 100% natural ingredients
  • Contain NO refined sugars
  • Full of seeds and real dried fruit
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Nut-free
  • Vegan


  • You have full control over your subscription so that you can change the frequency or take a break as you wish.
  • If there is a flavour that doesn’t go down well – tell us and we will replace it in the next order.

Find out all about our flavours:

Choc Orange and Baobab

Howgills’ Gingerbread

Apple and Blackberry Chai Crumble



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