Lemon, Ginger & Matcha Detox Balls


If you liked the Coffee and Mango Energy Ball, you will love the ALL NEW Coffee, Mango and Goji Super Ball with a whole raft of super ingredients.

Not happy to rest on our laurels, the new ball is packed with antioxidants and thanks to Brown Rice and Hemp has 50% more protein than our standard balls! On top of this, we are using Baobab Powder Lacuma Powder, and Maca powders, all of which help to boost the levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in addition to other trace elements.

To find out more about our fairly traded and sustainable ingredients, read our blog, “Feel Good Food” for a reason here!

We have also partnered with Dallaglio Rugby Works to donate 20p from the sale of each pack, with the aim of raising £15,000 every year to support one of their programmes in the North West.

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Feel Good Food – Nutritionally Beneficial

Our snacks are a ‘feel good food’ because we believe that natural foods taste fantastic. Whether you are pushing yourself to the limits or just need a healthy pick-me-up, you can rely on ‘Bakes and Balls’ to make you feel good.

Handmade in Cumbria and the Yorkshire Dales (figure that one out!) without using gluten, nuts, dairy, soya and added sugars. They are suitable for those following a Paleo or Vegan diet and Free From all 14 allergens!

lemon, ginger, lemon and ginger

We don’t ‘bulk out’ our recipes with fillers and cheap substitutes. Our ingredients are carefully selected for their taste, texture and their nutritional benefits. However, we have changed the recipes and have been able to boost the protein! Open the nutrition tab for full details.

matcha, green tea, detox

There are so many mixed messages and contradictory reports regarding ‘superfoods’ that it can be difficult to make the right decisions. We are currently working on giving you a run-down of our ingredients and why we use them. In the meantime, I find Dr Axe an easy to understand and reliable source of information


Extra Soft Dates, *Sunflower Seeds, *Milled Linseed, *Brown Teff Flour, *Pumpkin Seeds, *Pitted Prunes, *Whole Dried Figs, *Hemp Seeds, *Dark Chia Seeds, *Quinoa Flakes, *Coconut Oil, Root Ginger, Prune Puree, *Baobab Powder, *Matcha Powder, Lemon Spice Drops, Ginger Spice Drops, Vanilla Spice Drops, *Pink Himalayan Salt.
* Denotes Organic Ingredient
No known allergens
Extra Soft Dates, Organic Date Paste, Sunflower Seeds, California Prunes, Pumpkin Seeds, Ground Rwandan Coffee (5%), Coconut Oil, Tiger Nut Flour, Milled Linseed, Dried Mango (5%), Organic Hemp Protein 50%, Organic Brown Rice Protein 80%, Spanish Figs, Hemp Seeds, Dark Chia Seeds, Quinoa Flakes, Buckwheat, Organic Psyllium Husk, Sun Dried Goji Berries (3%), Prune Puree, Organic Maca Powder, Organic Lacuma Powder, Baobab Powder, Turmeric, Natural Mango Flavouring, Pure Vanilla Powder.
Allergen advice. This product contains no allergens.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information:


detox ball, green tea, matcha, protein


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