Summer Pudding Energy Balls


I remember well the summer puddings of my childhood. The sharpness of the red and blackcurrants balanced against the sweetness of the strawberries. As always, there was too much sugar! The second of our seasonal special editions, the Summer Pudding Energy Ball combines the sweet and sharp flavours of some of the best of Summer fruits – Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackcurrant and Sour Cherry – which altogether gives a fantastic burst of flavour.

Our sugars come from the fruits we use as the base for all of our balls – sumptuous dates from Saudi Arabia, Prunes from California and Turkish Figs. These slow releasing sugars work with the seeds and coconut oil to give you a healthy, nutrient dense snack you can really enjoy.

For more information about our ethical and sustainable sourcing of our ingredients, read our blog, “Feel Good Food” for a reason.