Figgy Pudding Balls

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A rich selection of fruit and spices – the Figgy Pudding Ball has both the aroma and taste of Christmas wrapped up in a nutritionally packed energy ball.

In this ball, we have come up with a modern take on the 16th Century English Christmas Pudding. Traditionally, Figgy Pudding contained 13 ingredients to represent the 12 apostles and Jesus Christ. The pudding was served with a sprig of holly on top to represent the cross of thorns worn by Christ when he was crucified.

Our recipe also contains 13 carefully chosen ingredients – including organic figs. However, in line with our nut-free philosophy we’ve left out the traditional walnuts. Instead we have used buckwheat flour to bring a hint of nuttiness, as does the amaranth seed. The latter also has a visual benefit, in that it replicates the seeds of the figs, which are otherwise lost in the blending!

In a nod to Health and Safety we have decided to ditch the holly sprig and hope that you’ll be happy with this instead!

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