Choc Orange and Baobab Balls


Why Chocolate Orange? “Many years ago I worked in the factory of a famous chocolatier in York that produced a larger chocolate ball than these. My favourite job was getting to take deliveries around the factory because it meant I could go to where those balls were made and enjoy a few pieces!” – Stephen Hall, Founder Baker

Chocolate and Orange is a classic taste and with this, we have kept things as natural as possible. Our Chocolate Orange Energy Balls are far less sweet and much better for you than that originally produced in York by one known to go by the name of Terrance. The texture is more like a truffle than an energy ball and because we use the finest Grand Cru Cocoa from Madagascar, the taste is sure to please the most hardened of chocoholics.

No, we are delighted to update this ball with the zingy flavour of Baobab! To find out more about this product, and our sustainable and ethical sourcing of ingredients take a look at our blog: ‘Feel Good Food’ for a reason